Saturday, June 13, 2009


Party like a ROCKSTAR!! yessss i dressed to the occasion. my birthday was the shhiiitt ! since i didn't party on my actual birthday night and went ahead and regained myself the following night! i moHAWKed my hair.. gem'd my eyes and pretty myself all upp ((with the help of the infamous RAQUE of course)) i pregamed @ crytals and went off dancing. I must admit.. i haven't gone dancing in the LONGEST time!!! soo to me this was WHOAHH! we went to the shelbourne which is a hotel and inside they do a club scene with 2 rooms! it was pretty doped.. the whole night i remember faintly b/c of the excess amount of alcoholic beverages i consumed. I mixed drinks like a FUCKING blender! my accomplices were annabelle laura and crystal the whole night was crazyyy! i enjoyed it very much...

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