Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Four

Recuerda por un beso mi coranzoncito tuvo una obsesión
Cuando Volverás,hasta hermanita pregunto?
Enséñame olvidar, Si todavía me amas,
Seré tu angelito aunque la boda sea mañana...


Hunting for good Aventura tickets...
wish me luck!!
Today is the day I acknowledge that I will never ever get married.
Why on earth do I need a man when I can do everything he can?
What on earth does a man have that I need?
companionship I have that with my dog.
Like the infamous lead singer of Sublime, Bradley once said:
"Living with Louie Dog's that only way to stay sane"
So that they can come before me?
To tell me that they love me?
ummmm I have family and friends
and once again my dog gives me that too.
I've never been so frustrated with the opposite sex before.
Two members of the opposite sex reside in the same household as I:
My brother and father.
you think they lend me a hand?
it's not even about the money because I could have just taken it to a auto place
But it's the simple fact I've had oil there and I didn't want it to go to waste.
Anyone can give me money..
but can you give me time from your day?
I had a boyfriend for 7 months
who actually went to mechanic school or whatever the fuck it's called
you think he bother to change my oil?
I told him plenty of times to do it
I'm not going to nag so when I saw he wasn't taking action
I took it and paid $60
that's another thing...
you go to a auto place and see you're a girl and you're by yourself
they automatically think you're dumb.
I hate double standards.
What makes you think you're so much better than me?

I woke up today googled how you change your car oil
simple steps:
-raise your car (they suggested the portable wheel ramps to be the most stable)
-unscrew the plug to drain out the old oil
-unscrew the filter (HARDEST PART EVER)
I guess the last person to do it tighten it all the way
-wipe out the excess oil around your car
-screw the new filter (before you do this lubricate it with the new oil)
-screw back the plug
-use a funnel in order to put the new oil


with no help from the opposite
all I got was:
"you're not strong enough"
"why don't you just take it to a mechanic"
"why can't your brother do it"
"you're going to hurt yourself"
"is it because you don't have money, I can lend you some"

I swear to you I cried during the process because all I got was negative comments.
It's sad that people think this way...
seriously my ego is way up there because once again
I proved everyone wrong.
FUCK everyone!
With no help from anyone
This woman changed the oil to her car.
So like I said, I will never get married.
No man will ever give me the type of amenities I need.
All I ever needed is to be understood
I thought I had that...
but I thought wrong.
To to everyone with a penis in between their legs
you can go suck one.
And no I am not lesbian so don't think that either.
I'm just independent and the need of the opposite sex is not needed over here.

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