Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Six

So today I heard a Pink song I've never heard of ever.
And it goes a little something like this:

"I'm going to California
To resurrect my soul
The sun is always shinning
Or at least that's what I'm told
Going to California
There's a better life for me
Going to California
I'll write and tell you what I see
Going to California
Somebody say a prayer for me"

Yeah, definitely my theme song.
This is why I love Pink
She always makes a song just for me
-Family Portrait
-Most Girls
-Please Don't Leave Me
-Just Like a Pill
-Who Knew
and the list goes on...
I freaking love her.

on my way to Wendys to get some nuggets
I came across this beauty....

Today was clinic day and I haven't seen a patient in a while.
Or at least it felt that way.
Last week on Tuesday I was clinic monitor
and on Thursday it was OSCE.
My thumb is hurting...
It's been hurting for a while.
I have no idea.
But what I do know is that it was the worst day for it to hurt.
I scaled my father,
which he was classified as moderate but
my hands want to shout in agony
and say he's heavy.
It was terrible
and then to top it off.
I saw my special needs this afternoon.
This patient is special needs because they suffer from
Muscular Dystrophy
This patient cannot take care of their own teeth
and is wheelchair bound.
The whole cleaning was done standing up.
I am not lefty but today the only time I could have taken advantage of the chair
was during the left side of the patient.
It was an experience I will never forget.
Tears came out because I was sooo frustrated.
The patient was discontent because the procedure could not be completed today.
So I rescheduled them not next week but the following.
Give my back some rest
and my thumb has to stop aching because it's making me
work differently.
I think it's because of too much texting.
I must reduce.
It hurts a lot.
I have to mention that my new professor helped a lot.
I underestimated her because of what people say about her...
but she helped out a lot
and the BEST part was
she congratulated me!
She said I did a good job.
You don't hear that too much in our program.
You always here a lot of negative but seldom do you hear you did a good job.
So I also want to thank her
for making my day a little smoother.
She also hugged me...
I think I needed that too.
I can't remember when I received a hug.
I've just been a green monster lately.
I miss hugs
and kisses
and just doing nothing but talking
well and sometimes more than talking
Now I know the reason for my green!!!
I'm overdue for some..........
Tomorrow is a new day,
closer to Orlando.
I have to do so much tomorrow.

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