Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Two

Ok I have no picture yet
I'm still in bed and I haven't done anything
but what I am going to write about now is about a conversation
I had with my grandpa on thursday
I forgot to mention it (which I don't know how I forgot it was a tough subject)
Any who he said how he will not be attending my graduation because
May is the month that his lease is up on the apartment
and so he has to do things over there.. I tried to convince him to just come for
a weekend but he said he wouldn't do that
That really pissed me off because if it were to be another grandchild besides my brother
he would have come
Then what really pushed my button was how he under-graded my profession
He said and I will quote
"you are already busting a sweat studying.. minus well become a dentist."
This could be the biggest insult I can ever take.
First of all yes, when I was younger I did want to become a dentist
but as the months of studying keep passing by, I am more aware of the differences
between these two professions.
Although they both work hand in hand, they both have different views on their patients.
A hygienist role with a patient is to educate them and make them aware that their mouth is the gateway to health issues. If you don't take care of your mouth, you run the risks of having diseases. Research says how cardiovascular, diabetes, and low-weight birth babies have correlated with oral health.
We not only educate patients but we strive to aid in oral hygiene. This consist of your gums and teeth.
Dentist on the other hand, work to fix your teeth when the disease has already impacted you. For instance, when you get a cavity, you have a cavity. This cavity will not leave unless you drill it out and cover it with some resin composite. When you have abscess on a tooth. That infection is not going to leave unless you do a endodontic treatment.
Dentists are the Mr. Fix it as Dental hygienist are the preventative measures before you have to fix it. Yes we also fix your gums and help your teeth from not falling off but everything we do is so that you won't have to see the dentist. If you were to see a dental hygienist every 6 months or 3 depending on your perio evaluation, you won't have to see a dentist ever. Unless you have some hereditary condition that no matter what you do you get cavities.
This leads me back to the conversation with my grandfather.
I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. We get paid good, and there are a lot of opportunities for us. Why the heck does my grandpa need to put me down and tell me that what I am doing isn't good enough?? Would you tell a student who wants to become a teacher to switch and study to become a Principal? So why would you tell someone that's studying to be a dental hygienist to become a dentist? They are very different. Yes they get paid much more than a dental hygienist. But so do principals vs. teachers.
I hate critics. Who are you to tell me what to do? It's my life and I do what I want with it. If I want to be a stripper and enjoy every minute of it, who are you to tell me I shouldn't?
And you can't attend my graduation because you have a lease to settle? Ok so then when Danny becomes a doctor you will attend his graduation. I hate getting compared to people.
Whatever this was my little issue
and I hope whoever reads this will never talk down to someone
about whatever future plan they have.

So this was at 3:22 am
we still had a lot of carsss
and no one was coming to claim them
so then when the show decided to come to an end
all the fags decided to leave
and of course complain that it was taking for ever.
I need a break from this already
I worked very hard tonight.

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