Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Seven

Paz Sin Frontreras
Peace Without Borders

Today is a very historical day.
Cuba is having their first freedom concert.
For a couple of months now, there has been many debates whether Juanes should perform in Cuba or not. For those of you who do not know who Juanes is, he is a Colombian singer. His popular hits have been: tengo la camisa negra, la paga, a dios le pido, and many more. I don't know when they initial the actual concert but what I do know it has been the greatest controversy.
Most Cubans here in Miami believe is a mockery. Why should a Colombian go and sing for freedom at a Communist country? They believe that many have died for freedom and going over there would be praising the the dictatorship. They can give you a million reasons why he shouldn't go there.
Today, Juanes will be performing in Cuba at around 4 or 5 pm. I've been watching it since 2:05 in the afternoon today. Other singers have gone with him to make this concert happen. Singers like Olga Tano, Danny Rivera, and so much more. Still it's happening and the Cubans that are against this are still pin pointing the wrong.
I was not born in Cuba, but my family is from there. My mom came when she was 21 and my dad left when he was 5. It brings me distressed to believe Cubans are against this movement. We know that Cuba is a dictatorship and that it is poor country. My childhood consist of my parents telling me I have so much luxury. When they were children, lights would go out all the time, there was never any hot water, and food was rationed. They came here to better themselves. However many Cubans didn't have the option to migrate.
In Cuba, there are many "active communist" and Miamians don't believe that they should give them a concert. I don't understand the ignorance of these people. I know that many have a tragic past and thats the reason for their hatred of their country leader. But don't take away the right of those who are still suffering in the same country you were able to flee from.
I happen to love concerts. I can choose a concert over any other fun activity. I love how music is so widely expressed through emotions. And it gives me great pleasure to say that I am for this concert.
I believe that the Cubans living in Cuba right now should enjoy something that is never given to them. Something that is always being deprived for x amount of reasons. Concerts set you free. You can listen to a song on the radio and you can feel something in your gut when the same song is being sung in front of you live.
A few songs ago, there was a band that sang "black or white" from Michael Jackson. I got goosebumps. They choose such a great song for the perfect occasion. I seriously feel all these Cuban Miamians should shut and let them enjoy this. This only happens once in a blue moon.
How can you say you are up for change, and you cannot accept this freedom concert.
It's sad to say that people of my kind are the one's against this. On the other hand, many Colombians, Puerto Ricans, and other Latin Americans (and even some other Cubans), are actually congratulating Juanes and the other artist for making this great sacrifice.
Make PEACE not War

I wish I had a better picture... but today I didn't even go out..
I'm still in PJ's and everything I had on my agenda today went to CRAP!
this is a shot of the family discussing the whole concert...
of course since Tio Jorge was here, everything was blasted to max volume.
Monchi was actively listening to everyone's viewpoints.

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