Friday, September 25, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Two

Since I have better news I will write it on top of the depressing one.

I just got home and read the letter that notified me I won the scholarship I applied for a couple months back. I will be receiving the award/check next week Friday when I arrive at Orlando. I am so excited about this... Next week is going to be full of mixed emotions. I will be presenting my table clinic (which I haven't practice for). I will be receiving this check of $500. I will be going to Disney's theme parks, including Epcot which I've never been to. The people that I will be going with are the closest friends I've had in hygiene except for Jessica because her mom happens to get married the same weekend. It kind of sucks that I am not going to be a part of the wedding but she knows I would if I could. I'm really glad my mood is changing. I've had a sucky week. Thinking about a certain somebody that I know doesn't think of me anymore. I don't understand why on Earth I am getting the depressed symptoms now that it's been more than a month. I mean I've been pretty strong about it so why change now? I hope it was just a phase... maybe because I could be getting my monthly friend. Speaking of which, I haven't gotten her in a while and I missed my gyno appointment today. I'm telling you, I've been on a row this week. I'm just glad it's over and done with and now it's the weekend so I get to soak up and relax before the next one comes.

So I went to Olive Gardens with Leslie and Jessica today and I am still super duper stuffed from all the bread/salad/pasta!!! Oh the many carbs I devoured. Not to mention the margarita as well. Well the napkin in my chin was because every time I grabbed a spoonful of pasta, it never failed to drip on my chin lol. We couldn't stop cracking up. At least we worked out our abs from too much laughter. Any who I got back to Jessica's and started feeling stupid and blah....

"Well my diamond mean............

Ok I like diamonds and like I said it takes a diamond to cut another diamond meaning it needs something as strong as its self to bring it down to size I and I feel that I need someone just as strong as me to cut me down so am basically looking for another diamond

Make sanse?



So to his definition, was I never his diamond?

Was I never as strong as him in order to share our lives together?

Is there a better diamond for his lifestyle?

Will there ever be one for me?

I don't want a new one...

I just want to finish cutting this one.

I was almost done and about to wear it as a shiny diamond ring on the finger next to the pinky that runs a vein directly to my heart.

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