Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Hundred Fifty-Nine

Everyone meet my brother.
I don't think I've given you guys a proper introduction
but he can be a real pain in the butt sometimes
so I don't like talking about him

Today we went to a funeral
Yes this is the bad news from yesterday
Gloria past on.
It's shocking how it was just so fast.
I mean Ciro might not see it that way
because he was not only her husband
but her caregiver.
The cancer defeated her 7 months after her diagnosis.
I thought she was going to beat this.
But it just spread.
She was already in a lot of pain.
At least now she can finally rest in peace.
She will forever be missed.
Her and her beauty tips she always had to share.
Whether it was about straightening your hair
or hiding a blemish on your face.
She never bore children
but she was the perfect mother.
I will keep a special place for her in my heart.
I love you Gloria
Amanda Gloria Santana

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