Friday, September 4, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-One

Sushi once again..
this time I was accompanied by the daddydukes
and Miss Jessica

we had some Saki Bombs
and let me tell you they are silent creepers

Then later we went to vagabond
I was supposed to go to round up
but my Broward crew decided to sell out
my cousin decided to get her period also
there were too many people selling out
so we decided not to waste gas and go so far
I've never been to vagabond
it had a nice atmosphere.
lots of cute boys to pick and choose from
although I had my eyes on a particular one
I was gonna tell him something..
I went to the bathroom and got out
and I did not see him no more.
YES I was pretty tipsy
I haven't felt this liberal in a while
I'm falling in love with myself again
and it feels awesome.

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