Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Three

(I didn't find a picture b/c Monchi got back from the vet... he has Meningitis)
Thought process:
Comprehensive exam is on Friday.
I have to add that I'm very anxious.
I really don't know what kind of questions
would be asked and I don't want any bad reflections of it.
Turning to a good note.. I got elected to represent our dental hygiene
program over at Orlando for table clinics.
If you go through previous posts you will see the hard work in
making our [Yanira and I] project "Going Green in Dental Hygiene"
Many late nights and a lot of research. We even wrote to
one of the authors, Kevin James that wrote an article on the subject.
And now I got elected to go and represent =)
Hard work does pay off, but I will be doing it on my own.
Yanira couldn't continue on this semester so therefore I had the option
to do it on my own, or decline the acceptance.
So I choose doing it on my own. I'm always up for a challenge.
And I figured.. why not?
I really feel utterly focused on school. Yes overwhelmed but never the less productive.
My planner is super organized and I am hoping it maintains this way.
This leaf is not going to turn brown this fall season. It will grow until it eventually becomes a beautiful flower.
I haven't taken a photograph yet, but I will be looking for a very cute flower so it can go with the rest of this post.
see ya soon

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