Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Hundred Ninety-Four

This is how I create miracles
well this is how I help people with their perio problems:



This patient allowed me to have their pictures posted
so don't get me in trouble!
This patient has a lingual bar
which is put after braces.
It's a permanent retainer.
Which is very difficult to maintain clean because you need
specific appliances to floss.
Something called a floss threader...
which looks like a needle.
As you see on the before picture a lot of calculus and plaque
as for the after all gone.
Any who I completed their cleaning today.
I have to pat myself in the back.
I think I'm finally picking up speed.
I also placed my very first localized antibiotic
Today was a very very good day.
As for the random burst theory...
it's slowly reducing the frequency.

A veces gris, a veces blanco
todo depende de lugar
Que tu te fuiste eso es pasado
Se que te tengo que olvidar,
Pero yo le puse una velita a to' mis santos
Ahi esta pa' que pienses mucho en mi
No dejes de pensar en mi
-La Mari

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