Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Hundred Ninety-Four

We got our OSCE results today.

I will have to do 3 out of 7 again.

One I missed by just one point.


any who I don't feel very good today.

I have self-diagnosed myself

In correlation to something we learned in our perio 2 lecture,

I have a random-burst theory.

It comes and goes as it pleases

When it comes, I get my tummy tied up

and super duper nauseous.

I feel like my head will eventually explode.

My whole face turns red and all I do is think about stuff.

When will this go away?

Crossing my fingers for pretty soon.

As of now the only treatment that is effective

is music.

I put my ipod on shuffle and I blast it really loud in the car.

I just sing along to the music not worried if I'm off key or not.

Plus the several text messages from a certain somebody

who keeps telling me I'm awesome.


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