Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Hundred and Twelve

Today we had a lecture on occlusion and orthodontics.

It got me to thinking I need to fix my baby tooth problem.

Then, we also learned about new instrument


I formally got introduced to my new instrument

(I got at the symposium)

It turns out it's Ever Edge

meaning 50% less sharpening

and it has a new "diamond" shape pattern

(I miss him)

Well yeah any who

I saw the Kat Williams stand up

Thanks to the bro blasting it!

I must admit he's a really funny dude.

Ok and funniest moment of today

So Jessica and I were hanging....

and we saw her neighbor sneaking in

the garbage and dumping her trash on Jessica's container.


I almost peed in my pants

I mean who does that?

Doesn't Dade County already give you a container for both trash and recycling?

Funny thing she didn't even see us.

Which lead us to think about our very first adventure...

and we couldn't think of the first time.



the TV had the same question!


I think not.

Do cafts, not drugs!

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