Thursday, October 1, 2009

one Hundred Eighty-Eight

Welcome to the Jungle.
One of my fantasies is to find a deserted Island
and be able to make up my own rules.
No fighting
No wars
Just peace and love
am I crazy to just want good things with no catch?
I'm sleeping over Lellanis today because at 3 am
we will be heading to DISNEY!
After a loooong and hectic week,
I deserve to see Mickey and Co.
You know the best part about Disney is to go and meet the characters.
I love taking pictures with them and just being a kid all over again.
I loooove going to Minnie's house.

Any who Lellanis broke her promise.
She said I will sleep with Gaby but here I am in the play room
playing house by myself.
(when I should be sleeping)
I guess she knew I would wake her up just to play.
She has all these fun toys!!
As you can see she has a house
and facing the house, she has a kitchen
(which I cooked spaghetti on)
I don't want to grow old.
Why can't we grow young?
I read this poem once that was beautifully written
Even though now that I think about it,
it wasn't a poem...
I am going to search for it and see if I can post it up here

ok so I couldn't find it.
But it's about life and how it's lived backwards.
So the author states how we should be born old and work our way young.
You get out of the senior home because you are able to take care of yourself.
You start your first job with a Rolex because of your retirement money.
You get kicked out of school because you can't read anymore.
Live your childhood years
enter the world of gooey placenta
and finally
leave to be remembered as an orgasm.

I wish I can find it one day.
I enjoyed reading it...
shhheesssh I wish that was how life works.
Who knows maybe when we die we do it all over again but backwards
like the essay/poem.

Whatever I should get some rest..
Tomorrow is a big day.
By the way I will be getting my scholarship money/award tomorrow too.
And Saturday is the day I present the table clinic.
Wish me lots and lots of luck.
I will need it.

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