Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Hundred and Four

Blast from the past.
So many questions answered.
Sad it took so long but for what it's worth,
it was worth it.
You know that's why people say "never say never."
You never know what happens in the future.
I was able to have a healthy conversation
(something I thought never would happen)
And it made me think about my current situation.
If she's truly your happiness, then by all means.
Be happy!
I am no one to take that from you.
I've been happy before and I'll find my happiness again.
My happiness of 3 years.
(picture above was not today)
More like a little project of mine when I thought I was in love.
Nothing last forever so just take advantage of what you have.
When you have it.
Cause you never know when you loose it.
Just remember, when one door closes,
another one opens.
And if you're too busy worrying about the closed door,
you'll never see the one that's being opened for you.

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