Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Hundred Ninety-Three

The only thing that never changes,
is change itself.

::thinking of a master-plan::

Speaking of change,
they changed his cast today.
I don't get why people think I'm stupid when it comes to my dog.
Some people have children
and I have a dog.
Sick or not he's my doggie
the one who has stuck by me when times get rough.
The one that makes me smile no matter what the situation brings.
I mean he doesn't speak but I know he listens.
I know he comprehends when I talk about all my problems.
And who can I compare him to that can do the same exact things?
::crickets chirping::
So you guys can keep saying I do too much for him.
Yes I planned him a big ass PARTY for his first year
Yes I buy him get well cards
Yes I take 5 billion pictures of him
and yes I take him everywhere with me.
But that's my little dude.
He will stick by through thick and thin
not pank out when times get ugly.
Especially not go back to his ex
did I mention he's about to be a daddy?
But whatever I don't even know if I will be able to see the pups,
because right now there's a lot of tension.
And I know I won't feel comfortable at all.
Shhhhiit I don't even wanna see him for a looooong period of time.
(possibly ever.)
He's soo disgusting.
He makes me sick.

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