Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Hundred and Fifteen

Today was just one of those days that everything just went my way.
Woke up at 7:15 AM. got dressed in 5 seconds. out the door and ready by 7:30 AM. got to school at 8:15 AM. Didn't have a mask. Ask Solange for a mask. Decontaminated. Assembled the goodie Halloween bags. Saw my AM patient. Completed her. No calculus or plaque. 100%. My third contract. Gave my lunch to Jess. Sold the goodie Halloween bags. Left school. Took a nap with Monchi. Got dressed and did my hair. Went to see the grand kids. Saw Elliott. Nothing bad happened. Didn't feel any awkwardness. Got home. Lisette picked me up. Went to airport. Parked. Chilis. There was no 2 4 1. Presidente Margaritas. Two of them. Sharing is caring. Got on the plane. No one sat next to me. Joe Biden (Mr. Vice President) was traveling in Ft. Lauderdale also. No plane could take off until he's was airborne. Got to ATL at 9:40 PM. Connection flight departs at 9:55 PM. Flight attendant said I missed the second flight. Went to counter. Next flight leaves tomorrow morning. Flight attendant double checked. Flight was held. "If you fly like the wind and make it to the terminal you can make the flight." I flew like the wind. Didn't take the train. Ran. Ran. Ran. Went up the escalator. c18 to d3. Ran. Ran. Ran. Boarded plane. First Class! Baby crying next to me. Blasted music... still first class! Worried about my luggage not making it to Detroit with me. Passengers were saying it didn't make it. Still stayed positive. Looked at the carousel. One of the first bags out. Looked outside airport window. Megan waving welcome sign. Finally in Detroit. Incubus marathon all the way to apartment. Halloween was written all over the streets of East Lansing. People walking around in costumes. Brought smiles to my face. Got to apartment watched Grey's. Cuddled with Megan!

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