Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Hundred and Sixteen

So Megan reserved the studio out and we did a shoot. Of course I was camera shy. Reason why I had to resign Victoria Secret Angels. And then we walked around campus. But since it was raining we didn't do much sight seeing. But I loved the weather. I met some of her friends and she explained what the houses over there meant. Like CoOp (I think that's how you say it) And of course the sorority house and fraternity. I love how everything is so fall season. Something Miami can never offer. I mean yeah there can be a cold front. But can the leaves turn pretty yellow and orange? Can they make the floor look completely yellow? It was very beautiful!

And then at night Costume Party Round 1
Even though I think I had too much fun.
The rum made me warm but I was drinking it like H2O
Thank God Megan was with me.
I experienced my very first bus ride filled with people in costumes!
What a night!
And over here to your right you are seeing a Disney Collaboration.
Meet Belle and Jasmine.
Of course I wanted to be Ariel and my boobiecakes be Sebastian but hey.. maybe next year??

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