Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Hundred Ninety-Seven

The sky was filled with these types of clouds today.

So I must admit, yesterday I had my very first breakdown.
It was very sad.
But what can I say, it happens to the best of us.
Sucks, but true.
Today I am feeling much better.
I've been on several different types of energy drinks
I am all wired up!
The beach was amazing.
i got two cute gifts from the lovely cousin.
One I will post a below and the other later on when I actually wear it.

That's right!
I was @ the beach teaching people how to brush their teeth!
That's what being a dental hygienist is all about!!
It's funny because when I did my service learning a few semesters ago,
we had to teach little students how to brush with puppets and big toothbrushes
and I was dying to keep the brush.
And now I have my own personal big tooth brush!!

Today at the beach we spoke about the upcoming widely anticipated film
New Moon
I can't help but wonder if Stephanie Meyer
stressed to add the scene where the Volturi called Bella, Edward's singer?
If the movie goes on without that small scene...
I think I will not watch the 3rd and final movie.
For starters I dislike the 1st one due to budget cost and cast
He can never be compared to my Edward.
Before Twilight fans knew about vampires,
I was busy mesmerized by the sparkling and breathtaking 17 year old boy
who can read everyone's thoughts except the exception.
Everyone takes for granted the actual books.
When asked the meaning of my tattoo
no one gets it right.
Its sad how the saga got so popular and all for the wrong reasons.
To me, these books made me realize that there is some love out there.
Despite the billion controversies stated regarding women being degraded,
Meyer described in visual details how love can make you feel everything all at once.
Clumsy, dead, alive, sick, high, drugged, happy, perfect, etc.
Bella is crazy in love with Edward
and when Edward left her,
she went crazy.
She continued to risk her life, just to hear the little voice in her head
that sounded like his.

Jacob.... what can I say about him?

As for Edward,
He knew he wanted her.
She had the sweetest blood he's ever smelled.
He could have drank it all up when he had the chance to.
Yet, he fought against temptation and resisted the desires to devour her blood.
He knew that after he had her blood, it will forever be gone.
He rather have her forever around than taste the very blood he craved like never before.

Every woman wants to be irresistibly desired.
Every woman wants to feel that she is captivating and maddening.
But she also wants to feel safe and sheltered.
She wants to know that however passionately she is desired,
that she is loved more.

La Tua Cantante

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