Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Hundred And Seven


it's a penguin

and I have the following lyrics:

"I don't ever drive by your house to see if you're in

I don't even have an opinion on that tramp

that you are still seeing

I don't know your timetable

I don't know your face off by heart

but I must admit that there is a part

that still thinks that we might get on

that we might get on

that we could get on

that we should get on."

-Kate Nash

I went shopping today.

It truly is some kind of remedy.

Today I was just not completely on.

Some part of me is still stuck on the freaking past.


My face is breaking out disgusting.

Finally today was the last day of midterms!!

And Friday I shall be in Tampa


All I ask is to be happy and stress-free.

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